NHPR: Monadnock Lyceum Lecture and Book Launch

NHPRPoor (in) Democracy: How America is Defaulting on Democracy, and the Long Walk to Get it Back

Lecture: Sunday, July 19th, 11am
Rebroadcast: Sunday, August 3rd, 9pm


Daniel Weeks, the executive director of Open Democracy (a non-partisan advocacy organization founded by Doris “Granny D” Haddock), maintains that democracy is in default. According to Weeks, American government no longer works for the American people, because special interest money has infected the political process. On issue after issue of national concern, ordinary people are paying the price for systemic corruption in Washington. Nowhere are the effects of America’s democracy deficit more strongly felt than among the 50 million people living below the poverty line. From voting to lobbying to funding political campaigns, these “second-class citizens” are systematically excluded from politics by a host of formal and informal means.

Listen to the full lecture here.

Read more at NHPR.org or MonadnockLyceum.org

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