The following photos taken by the writer while traveling by Greyhound bus across 30 states in 2012-13 provide a snapshot of poverty in the United States

MAH00323DSC00929 DSC00925 - Version 2 DSC00919 DSC00881 - Version 2 DSC00879 DSC00877 DSC00857 DSC00813 DSC00784 DSC00757 DSC00735 DSC00734 MAH00731 MAH00729 DSC00724MAH00706 DSC00700 DSC00699 DSC00672 DSC00670 DSC00637 DSC00633 DSC00622 DSC00598

DSC00542 DSC00487
DSC00337DSC00324 DSC00302

DSC00212 DSC00121 DSC00097 DSC00120 DSC00093
DMW_0148 DMW_0161 DSC00773 DSC00230 MAH00077 DSC00625 DSC00572 DSC00580 MAH00343

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